Meet The Cabana Team!

Our store team is truly blessed and lucky to work together in our small Darien town, where we are able to curate a boutique environment where we prioritize helpfulness and making sure our customers find the perfect outfit. We take pride in providing exceptional customer service and going above and beyond to ensure that each and every person who walks through our doors feels welcome, valued, and cared for. It's a joy to work with such a dedicated team who shares the same passion for fashion and helping others. Our goal is to create a shopping experience that is memorable and enjoyable for everyone who visits our store.


Meet Jen!

After a successful career in Manhattan publishing, Jennifer Stocker decided to pursue her passion for fashion and her love of coastal living. Inspired by her hometown in Connecticut and her childhood vacations in classic beach resorts, Jennifer named her brand after coastal communities on the East Coast.

Jen opened Sail to Sable's first retail store, The Cabana, where she and her buying team have curated a perfect boutique collection by handpicking their favorite brands. So, whether you're hitting the beach or just want to add a touch of coastal chic to your wardrobe, Sail to Sable has got you covered!

Jen's current favorite brands include Sail to Sable, Saylor and Sheridan French; all of which she will be packing for her upcoming trip to Palm Beach (stay tuned for a Palm Beach packing list!). Jen's current favorite accessory is the Full heart pendant from Jane Win (available in store) which you can find Jen wearing almost every day!


Meet Charlotte!

Meet Charlotte, a retail expert with a passion for all things fashion. Charlotte's journey in the industry began when she started working at Ralph Lauren at the age of sixteen. It was there that she discovered her love for merchandising and the art of curating the perfect selection for a store. Charlotte is committed to ensuring that every item in the store reflects the brand's commitment to quality, sophistication, and a touch of whimsy.

Whether you're looking for the perfect dress for a special occasion or just want to add some coastal flair to your wardrobe, Charlotte and the team at The Cabana have got you covered. So come on in and experience the magic of Sail to Sable for yourself!

Charlottes current favorites at The Cabana include elevated basics from Derek Lam, resort staples from Rhode and the petite embellished coins from Jane Win Jewelry (available in store!).


Meet The Girls!

Introducing our high school girls - a cheerful and delightful group who never fail to greet you with a warm smile!

Whether they're engaged in a game of lacrosse, soccer, or field hockey, spending a fun-filled day on a boat with friends, or unboxing our new arrivals, they truly know how to light up any room they step into. It's hard not to feel happy and energized in their presence, and we're sure that they'll have the same effect on you too! They are always here and ready to help you find the perfect outfit!

The girls are currently loving mini skirts from Love Shack Fancy, Cashmere sweaters from Brodie, and mini dresses from Saylor for their senior trips!

Top L-R: Ashley, Charlotte and Sadie

Bottom L-R: Grayson, Anna, and Maggie

(Shoutout to our girls Chloe & Dylan currently at college!)