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Jane Win PROTECT Eye on The Sky Pendant

Jane Win PROTECT Eye on The Sky Pendant

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18" Drawn Link Chain 

The evil eye - our favorite Summer addition (and we can all use a little extra protection). A friend to our PROTECT JW Small Pendant Coin, this evil eye coin is accented with stones on the front and has the word PROTECT on the back side - wear either way! Most believe that the evil eye protects you from negativity being cast your way - but at Jane Win we have a more optimistic approach. Our evil eye is designed as a little reminder of your strength and that negativity can be beaten with positivity. Face the world with a smile...and layers of jewelry that means something to you. A bit larger than most evil eye jewelry this charm is a statement.

This piece is limited edition and while supplies lasts. What does this mean? If you love it, don't wait to shop as we will not restock this item until next summer, when you'll see our evil eyes again with a little twist.

When Jane was 10 years old, she lived in Greece for the summer as her Dad, a gerontologist, studied on the island of Paros. Forever Greece holds a special place in her heart. Walking through the streets there are many shops that carry evil eyes. Jane started her collection then and continues to this day. ENJOY this special piece with love.

  • Coin Pendant made of sterling silver heavily plated in 14k gold, and accented with Blue Sapphire and White Topaz stones.

  • Measures approximately 1.0" in diameter and weighs 7.9 grams.
  • DOUBLE SIDED: Evil Eye with stones on the front, Jane Win logo and PROTECT Inscription on the back. Wear either way!

  • Can be purchased alone or with your choice of chain:

    • Choose 16-18" Delicate Satellite Chain or 18" Drawn Link Chain.
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